latest PixelPro products at LDI 2017

As one of the most professional tradeshow and conference for live designs, LDI show stresses more on
creation and innovation. 

FantaLED took part in LDI show from 17th-19th, November 2017 and had a great succeed to introduce
its new products,including 
PixelBrick, PixelDrop and PixelTotem Turbo. 

PixelBrick has two versions, PB6 in 600mm x 100mm and PB6L in 900mm x 100mm. 4panels built up a
diamond,of which five made a 
bigger diamond. Thanks to Brompton control system, customized contents
show a extraordinary flexibility,which impressed the 
customers a lot.

PixelDrop is a combination of LED video products and LED tube lighting. It is a product of pixels on a
string with 360°viewing 
angle, which allows designers enlarge their imagination to create  large or
small screens in different shapes for both indoor 
and outdoor environment.

PixelTotem Turbo is a slim double-side LED poster which can show the same or different pictures on both
sides, which can be seen 
by audience from opposite direction.

All these products are creative and innovative which are different from many other products at the fair,
and many professional 
visitors stop by and took long time to know more about them. If you are interest
in more, please feel free to contact our sale