Innovative PixelPro Series Showed at PL&S 2017

FantaLED was just back from Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt. PixelBrick, PixelDrop and PixelTotem were
showed during the show. 

PixelBrick has two versions, PB6 in 600mm x 100mm and PB6L in 900mm x 100mm. It is integrated with
box, which has power supply and receiving card built inside. Because of different structure to
those rental 
panels in 500mmx500mm, 500mmx1000mm, PixelBrick was undoubtedly an attractive product,
which made 
customers,including some professional companies, come and check it.

PixelDrop is an innovative combination of LED video product and LED lighting. It is specially used at events 
for both indoor and outdoor. 

PixelTotem is a slim LED poster, which is lightweight and easy to install. And it can be WIFI APP controlled.
Many panels can display the same or different pictures, and panels can also joint together into a big screen.

Those products were attractive, and some customers came to contact and placed orders after the exhibition.